Restaurant Marketing Solutions & Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Restaurants

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Restaurants spring up on the streets like mushrooms, something that stiffens competition. It is now more crucial than ever for managers and owners to up their marketing game. Restaurant marketing solutions can lead to franchise development, increased visibility, and ultimately, sales.
Hiring a restaurant marketing expert through agencies is the preferred means of getting proven results. Depending on the package, you can get social media optimization, web design, SEO services, email marketing, etc. We will highlight the best digital agency for restaurants and marketing solutions you can consider. Keep reading!

Restaurant Marketing Solutions and Ideas

You can still get more customers and increase sales using the best restaurant marketing solutions. You don’t necessarily need a restaurant marketing consultant. What we will present here are cost-effective marketing strategies that will take your business to another level.

Sponsor Social Events

You can sponsor sports events or festivals such as food festivals, beer festivals, and carnivals and set up a tent where you showcase your top dishes. You also get the privilege of showcasing your logo on the festival materials or even to speak. The event organizers might have a slot for you to deliver a speech as the event sponsor, a huge opportunity to make salesy statements.

Print Media Advertising

Hospitality and tourism offices are the best places to display your adverts. Create a brochure, postcards, or any other efficient print media to pin on these places, but seek permission to do so before pinning the posters. You can also consider welcome centers, rest areas, chamber of commerce offices, recreation hubs, college campuses, event centers, etc.

Advertise on Social Media Platforms

Facebook and Instagram are the most effective social media platforms to advertise your restaurants and their services. But advertising on these two platforms is totally different, though everything revolves around creating great content. If you have foodie photos, Instagram becomes the best option to post the ad. Ensure you exploit all the advertising features of these online advertising platforms.

Advertise on Yelp

Creating an account for your restaurant on Yelp is good enough to reach millions of visitors a month. However, you can improve the efficacy and result when advertising on this platform by doing more than just having the account. Advertise in sales tones, state features of your restaurants to attract people, read and respond to all reviews appropriately, and post menus. Also, include as many photos as possible, state operation hours, location, price range. State if you have Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, parking, pet-friendly patio, etc.

Partner with Food Delivery Apps

Partnering with a delivery app is helpful whether you have a delivery service or not. Many people are more likely to discover your restaurant on these apps than when you rely only on your delivery program. Find a popular foodie app in your area and sign up with them.

Take Advantage of Geo-targeted Ads

Most restaurants depend on local customers to survive in the industry. That means running a geo-targeted ad campaign through Google will save you the cost and bring you more sales. Your ad will appear only to people within reach, which further cuts down food delivery costs. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to target customers within your locality.

Consider Introducing Loyalty Programs

Referral coupons and discounts based on customer loyalty can work the magic of giving your restaurant the vibrancy you have been missing. According to restaurant experts, one customer will likely come back with a friend to get the promised coupon. You can build a chain of loyal customers through loyalty programs and offers.

Host a Live Band

A live band or a karaoke night is likely to draw large groups to your restaurant. People will come to be entertained or just to watch their favorite artist perform live. In the process, people discover your restaurant and will likely come back to fill their bowels some other time.

Partner with Local Hotels

Season travelers are likely to ask the hotel staff about a nearby restaurant for quick meals or snacks. That is where you come into the picture. You can talk to the hotel management to post your adverts on their property or talk to a front desk staff. Offer a business card or a postcard, just in case visitors ask for a restaurant referral. Most importantly, find a way of appreciating who assists you in this process.

Run a Blog

There are many topics you can write about and share with people related to restaurants. Think about dedicating your blog to trying out recipes, posting new recipes, and inviting people to try them out or tasting them at the restaurant. You will grow a community around your restaurant business.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Restaurants

Using a digital marketing agency for restaurants is another way of improving your online presence and growing your business. You will get services and advice from a restaurant marketing expert. They always educate their clients on ways to improve their services and reach out to many people.
Fortunately, restaurant marketing consultants are available in person and remotely. You only have to choose the best agency that will offer measurable restaurant marketing solutions. The following are some of the digital marketing agencies for restaurants to consider:
Absolute Marketing
Foodie Agency
Restaurant Ambassador
Restaurant Marketing Labs


Restaurant competition is becoming stiffer. New restaurant marketing solutions are needed to remain competitive, especially during the COVID pandemic. You can approach it yourself using the strategies and tips presented in this article. Alternatively, you can seek the help of a digital marketing agency for restaurants to take your business to the next level. The goal is to maintain resilience despite the obstacles in the industry, and you can achieve it using any of the two approaches.