Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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Digital marketing for real estate agents has become a necessity for realtors looking to grow their businesses. That has been brought about by the change in the buyers’ behavior. Many people are shifting online to research for their dream houses and properties on sale.
Real estate web marketing is the backbone if you want to grow new leads and make successful sales. We will describe digital marketing strategies that every property marketing agency uses to help its clients. Also, we will discuss the benefits of digital marketing for real estate agents.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

Why should you consider real estate web marketing over other available methods? We unveil the benefits of going digital with your marketing plans to the real estate industry.


The high capital required for a real estate business keeps many aspiring entrepreneurs out. You should not spend more money on advertising if you have managed to start the business. Real estate web marketing ensures that because it is less costly compared to mainline marketing.

Increased exposure:

Real estate advertising on the web lets you reach out to a large audience simultaneously. You can also target a specific audience with a proper marketing strategy.

Easy performance analysis:

Real estate web marketing does not keep you blind. You can track the performance through the analytics provided and adjust accordingly.

Brand building is faster:

Since realtors can reach a large audience at once, it is very possible to build a real estate brand in no time. Just keep your online presence and your reputation to succeed as a realtor through digital marketing.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Techniques

Like many other marketing strategies, digital marketing for real estate agents also does not give an overnight return. It takes time to yield results. Regardless of the approach, you have to be a bit patient with real estate web marketing. It will finally pay if you do everything right.
The following are some of the real estate marketing strategies to deploy:

Social Media Marketing

You can opt for organic or paid real estate web marketing on social media. Organic marketing is free advertising on social media and involves posting, sharing, and commenting on texts, images, and videos. You can also post with hashtags, links, event listing, and many others and only hope for the best.
Paid marketing involves using ads or sponsored posts that appear at the tops of the feeds of the targeted audience. In other words, you have to subscribe to the services.
As a realtor, you might need both organic and paid marketing to effectively create brand awareness and improve sales.
To succeed in real estate web marketing, you need methods and strategies that actually work. You can seek experts to help you to advertise on:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Whatsapp
  • Quora

Create User-Friendly Website

Most property buyers use their handset to browse nearby listings and decide based on what they have found. That explains why your website should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. It should be responsive, secure, and loads faster, which also helps you to rank better on search engines.
It is on the website where you have landing pages with a complete list of all new listings. You should also include informational content such as guides to buying the property, home inspection, legal procedures, and relocation services. A reliable customer support representative will also go a long way in converting the leads into sales.

Exploit the Power of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

This is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing for real estate agents. If you need to generate new leads, then PPC is the way. Remember, you have to pay when prospect buyers click on the ad. These ads are targeted towards people searching for the keywords.

Use Virtual Tour Hosting

Virtual tours increase your sales and educate prospective home buyers on the property buying process. They will appreciate it if your virtual tour can help them to simplify this complex and tedious process.
Creating a successful virtual tour requires that you use the actual footage of the property. Avoid any form of video editing or effects that will give a wrong impression. The video should also be engaging and of high quality with the best audio. Create a 3D and user-friendly tour that is simple to follow and engages the viewer.

Invest in Website Optimization

SEO will help you to organically rank at the top of the search engine pages. You need to use keywords with high search volume and maintain correct density. All the images should have alt attributes added and include the following SEO elements for a better ranking:
Social media pages
Online directories
Title and meta descriptions, readability, snippets, etc.
However, be keen not to trick the search engines as consequences are severe. Just follow the guidelines for on-page SEO.

Create Email Campaign

Emails are some of the most successful digital marketing strategies with high conversion rates in the real estate industry. The approach is used after getting leads using other real estate web marketing methods.
The success of an email campaign lies in the quality of the content and timing. At what time do you need to send the emails, and how often? Early morning emails may not perform best because the recipients will hurriedly look at them amidst the busy day. Afternoons or evening emails are preferred because most people are exhausted or are from work and have more time with their handsets.

Try Blogging

Blogging has given results in other industries, and the same can happen in realtors. Come up with new ideas that your prospects are interested in, and you will get publicity, grow leads, and improve sales.
You can rely on the real estate web marketing strategies discussed on this page to grow your business. Consider a property marketing agency to help implement the methods if you are busy on other projects. Just put effort and give it time to witness the positive changes digital marketing will bring to your business.