Master of Science in Marketing

The Master of Science in Marketing (or MS Marketing) is a graduate degree that prepares the student to work in middle-management- and-above marketing positions. The specific field of marketing will depend on the student, their program, and the firm with which they will work. Fields may include brand management , [1] digital marketing , [2] integrated marketing communication, [3] marketing analytics and research , marketing strategy , pricing strategy and many others.

The key difference entre les MS Marketing degree and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the required number of races in the marketing degree. Typically the MBA degree can have a concentration in marketing or other fields of 4-6 courses. The MS Marketing degree will usually have 10-12 marketing courses. The MBA will offer courses in accounting , finance , business strategy, marketing, organizational behavior and other general business courses in much less than a specialized degree [4] such as the MS Marketing degree that requires marketing courses , supplemented with perhaps a few electives in other areas such as analytics.


School Name leasing Program Type
University of Alabama Alabama MS Marketing
University of Arizona Arizona MS Marketing
University of Southern California California MS Marketing
Golden Gate University California MS IMC & PR
University of Colorado Denver Colorado MS Marketing
University of Denver Colorado MS Marketing
Sacred Heart University Connecticut Masters in Digital Marketing
University of South Florida Florida MS Marketing
University of Tampa Florida MS Marketing
Florida International University Florida MS Marketing
Florida State University Florida MS Marketing
University of Georgia georgia MS Marketing Research
Georgia State University georgia MS Marketing
Illinois Institute of Technology Illinois MS Marketing Analytics
University of Illinois – Chicago Illinois MS Marketing
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Illinois MS Marketing Research
Depaul University Illinois MS Marketing
Loyola University of Chicago Illinois MS IMC
Roosevelt University Illinois Masters in IMC
Northwestern University Illinois MS IMC
Indiana University Indiana MS Marketing
Purdue University Indiana MS Marketing
University of Kansas Kansas MS Journalism
University of Maryland Maryland MS Marketing Analytics
Johns Hopkins University Maryland MS Marketing
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts MS Marketing and Innovation
Bentley University Massachusetts MS Marketing Analytics
Boston University Massachusetts MS IMC
Emerson College Massachusetts MA in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising / MA BMI
Michigan State University Michigan MS Marketing Research
Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Michigan MS Marketing
Eastern Michigan University Michigan MS IMC
Milwaukee School of Engineering Minnesota MS Marketing and Export Management
Walden University Minnesota MS Marketing
Washington University in St. Louis Missouri MS Customer Analytics
Bellevue University Nebraska MS Strategic Marketing
Southern New Hampshire University New Hampshire MS Marketing
Roberts Wesleyan College New York MS Strategic Marketing
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York MS Management with Concentration in Marketing
Baruch College New York MS Marketing
Hofstra University New York MS Marketing, MS Marketing Research
Fordham University New York MS Marketing Intelligence
Columbia University New York MS Marketing
Nazareth College New York MS IMC
New York University New York MS Integrated Marketing
University of Rochester New York Masters in Marketing Analytics
St. Johns University New York MS Marketing
Hult International Business School New York, Massachusetts, California, United Kingdom, China, Dubai Master of International Marketing
University of Cincinnati Ohio MS Marketing
Franklin University Ohio MS Marketing / Communication
University of Guelph Ontario MS Marketing & Consumer Studies
Saint Joseph’s University Pennsylvania MS International Marketing
Temple University Pennsylvania MS Digital Innovation and Marketing
University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Master of Customer Insights
University of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan MS Marketing
Clemson University South Carolina MS Marketing
Vanderbilt University Tennessee MS Marketing
East Tennessee State University Tennessee MS Digital Marketing
University of Texas at Arlington Texas MS Marketing Research
Texas A & M University Texas MS Marketing
University of Houston Texas MS Marketing
University of Texas at Austin Texas MS Marketing
University of Texas at Dallas Texas MS Marketing
Liberty University Virginia MS Marketing
Pacific Lutheran University Washington MS Marketing Research
American University Washington DC MS Marketing
Georgetown University Washington DC MPS Integrated Marketing Communication
West Virginia University West Virginia MS IMC

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