Iain Osborne

Iain William Leonard Osborne FRSA (born 1957) is one of the world’s eminent digital marketers. Osborne was the first marketing director at Yahoo! Europe , [4] where he popularized the use of the world wide web . Later, Osborne was co-founder and managing director at chello broadband , [5] which is one of the leading broadband ISPs outside North America, creating a new vision for the transformation of the world’s digital economies. [6] Awards include Best New Media Brand, Best European ISP, Internet Superstar [2]and Ground Breaker Award – International Marketing Innovator of the year. [3]

Early life and education

Osborne was born in Ayr in 1957 to Matthew and Anne Osborne and grew up in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland . He Attended Belmont Academy before going on to study Social Sciences at The University of Edinburgh receiving send a BSc in 1978. He Studied German Commercial Law at London School of Economics was scholarship from DAAD . He then went on to post-graduate studies in European Marketing and Languages ​​at Heriot-Watt University in 1979. Later in his career, he attended INSEAD , Francewe have Courtaulds Scholarship .


After graduating, he joined the graduate training program of Clarks in 1979. He has held various senior sales and marketing positions in Bata Retail Europe, L’Oreal , Courtaulds PLC before joining Hilton as Director of Product and Brands in 1990. [7]

Internet Years

In 1997, Osborne joined Yahoo! Europe management as the first Marketing Director . [8] [9] During this time and on a startup budget, Yahoo! grew to become the most popular Internet Brand and website across Europe. Osborne and Heather Killen Conducted and presented the industry’s first European consumer research on Internet Users That Ultimately Established the business potential of Online Advertising in Europe . [4] [10]

Osborne went on to become co-founder and managing director of Chello Broadband NV , [2] the first commercial ISP to introduce high speed Internet Broadband Access in 6 European countries. [3] Also at chello , he is one of the very early researches in broadband usage and its impact on changing lifestyles in Europe. [11]

Osborne founded Innovater BV that in 2003 led the launch of WiFi across Europe on behalf of the Wi-Fi Alliance Industry Association of Redwood, CA. [12] Subsequently, in 2003, he founded VONOS, a company dedicated to Voice and Video over broadband services. He later joined XS4ALL to run the VoIP digital telephony services. [7]


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