Secret brand

secret brand is any design or manufacturing company that does not advertise or overtly label its products. [1] The products are considered for exclusive customerele.

Marketing strategy

The idea of ​​a secret brand. The first is scarcity value . The secret brand creates with highly specific, unique qualities, usually very subtle and invisible to the casual observer. These qualities do not necessarily improve the performance of the product and can be inefficiencies (eg, using heavy-weight denim for casual clothes). The customer purchases the product for its rarity; to have something that is very difficult to acquire.

The second principle is branding . Large companies wanting to reach a new demographic. This product is used in the distribution network of the parent brand, but from a dummy company . Alternatively, the secret brand may be used as an independent agent. The theory behind these strategies is that it allows the parent company to expand its demographic without compromising the brand identity of its “open” brand.

The third principle is experimentation. Openly announcing new products often affects stock values ​​in public traded companies. If a company is unsure of the real world appeal of a product, it can be used as a small business. This technique may be used after inconclusive focus group results (ie, the majority somewhat dislike the product, while the minority is highly enthusiastic about it).


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