Moment of truth (marketing)

Moment of the truth (MOT) in marketing, is the time when a customer / user has a brand, product or service to change the product or service. In 2005 AG Lafley Chairman, President & CEO of Procter & Gamble coined 2 Moments of Truth ie first and second. [1] Third was definitely introduced later. [2]

Types of MOT

  • First moment of truth (FMOT): When a customer is confronted with the product in-store or in real life. [3]
  • Second Moment of Truth (SMOT): When a customer purchases a product and experiences its quality for the promise of the brand., [4] [5]
  • Third moment of truth (TMOT): Consumers feedback or reaction towards a brand, product or service of a consumer becomes brand advocate and gives back via word of mouth or social media publishing. [6]
  • Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is a term coined by Google in 2011, [7] it refers to the research that is conducted on the subject of a product or service. The internet has changed the way consumers interact with brands, products or services this decision-making is ZMOT. According to research conducted by Google, 88% of US customers are researching online before actually buying the product. [8]

Further reading

  • Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon
  • Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management by Annekie Brink & Adele Berndt
  • Winning the Zero Moment of Truth
  • ZMOT Handbook


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