Hungry Man Productions

Hungry Man Productions is an international marketing and production company. The organization has been voted by Creativity Online to be one of the top five commercial production companies in the world. [1] It is also the only production company in the world at the Cannes Advertising Festival’s Palme d’Or for over ten consecutive years. [2] The organization has created well over 50 Super Bowl commercials over a ten-year period. [3]


Hungry Man Productions was started in 1997, by Hank Perlman and Bryan Buckley . The first collaborated on ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter” campaign, which was named as one of the Top 10 Commercial Campaigns of the 20th Century by TV Guide . citation needed ] The campaign was originally created by Perlman and directed by Buckley (along with Frank Todaro ). [4] As of 2012 , the organization is headquartered in New York and offices in Los Angeles , Sao Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , and London .


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