Diversity marketing

Diversity marketing (or in-culture marketing) is a marketing paradigm which sees marketing (and especially marketing communications ) as a way to connect with the different individuals in the market. As society has grown up, it has become more and more popular, it can be religion or beliefs. “Diversity marketing involves acknowledging that marketing and advertising must offer alternative ways of communicating to these diverse groups. market ” [1]Diversity is the process in which they are marketed by different means (eg surveys, focus groups or in some cases telecommunication). Diversity marketing is helping business owners and operators in all levels to connect with society through communication channels reach Them That best, this Creates exposure for the company qui Creates brand awareness . Diversity marketing realizes the markets and the market / consumers have different tastes, beliefs, interaction type and lifestyle choices. Such vast differences are then tackled by customized marketing strategies [2]

“From a marketing management perspective, culturally diverse environments, creates new challenges in recognizing, cultivating and reconciling different culture groups’ perspectives within the same market” [3]

An acknowledgment of the importance of diversity marketing is that AT & T Inc. has a post for this discipline at vice president level. [4]


“Currently, it is particularly important when interacting with the global marketplace, it is particularly important when interacting with the global marketplace. the same way. “” Meanwhile, the market is becoming more diverse, more companies are adopting diversity marketing tactics “. [1]

Some companies that use this technique are

  1. Procter and Gamble – Have a great deal in the African American community
  2. Harley Davidson – Began marketing to women when they start to offer classes for women to learn to ride.
  3. Saturn- Has reached out by Sponsoring LGBT events
  4. Target – Their advertisements go against stereotypical views, especially when it comes to the African American community.
  5. McDonald’s – do extensive research into different races and ethnic groups to ensure their products fit all.
  6. AT & T – Dedicated to the job market and various groups. [1]


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