Direct Text Marketing

Direct Text Marketing is a form of marketing . This includes using a medium qui Involves text messaging over a mobile device and can be done from a mobile phone or in bulk using an SMS Aggregator and distributor online. Some businesses provide the whole service by sending an aggregator on behalf of a business.

Companies and businesses can benefit from this form of marketing by sending a message to their customers via their personal mobile phones or PDAs. Since mobile phones or PDAs are very personal technologies, you’d think text spamming is usually out of the question. Yet, “57% of adults with cell phones have received unwanted or spam text messages on their phone.” [1] The services of the customer are usually an opt-in service, which means that the business unit is not mobile. quote needed ]

“82% of American adults own a cell phone, Blackberry , iPhone or other device that is also a cell phone.” [1]

“Texting by adults has increased over the past 9 months from 65% of adults writing in September 2009 to 72% texting in May 2010. Still, adults do not send nearly the same number of texts 17, who send and receive, on average, 5 times more texts per day than adult texters. ” [1]

In Australia, receivers of text messages for promotional purposes must opt-in.


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