Clienteling is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with customers based on their preferences, behaviors and purchases. [1] Clienteling is Intended to guide Associates to Provide Informed and more personal customer service [2] That May influences customer behavior related to shopping frequency, lift in average transaction value, and other retail key performance indicators. [3] From the customer’s perspective, customereling “could add a layer of personal touch” [4] to the shopping experience.

Clienteling software

While at its core, clienteling is a technique commonly used to describe the relationship between software and customer support. [5] Software-based clienteling has been said to have the advantage of collecting data about clients across different channels. [6] Clienteling software may also provide digital tools on mobile devices or fixed workstations. [7] [8] While sales history is collected in customer relationship management(CRM) platforms can provide some insight into a customer’s tendencies, this insight can be increased by data collected by an associate working with a customer, who can improve the customer profile through each face-to-face interaction. [9] This information can be used to further personalize future interactions. [10] [11] Capabilities such as ratings, wish lists , preferences , alerts , and purchase history are sometimes used to enable associates to enhance customer experience and business history. [2] [12]Clienteling can also be used to reduce the cost of consumer goods and services to consumers by using the right customers. [8]

Use in retail stores

In 2014, a software-based clienteling solution was deployed on iPad to over 3,500 associates at Saks Fifth Avenue . [7] Ralph Lauren has also used clienteling to invite select shoppers to special shopping events. [8]

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