Australian Marketing Institute

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is Australia’s largest professional body for marketers. [1] The AMI’s purpose is to advance the marketing profession through education, collaboration, recognition and accountability. It is a not-for-profit entity with branches throughout Australia. [2] The AMI has over 7,500 members and is responsible for the administration of the Certified Practicing Marketer Certification Program.


Founded in 1933 as the Institute of Sales and Business Management, in 1965 the name was changed to Institute of Sales and Marketing Executives, and in 1975 to its current name, Australian Marketing Institute. [3]

Professional membership

In addition to corporate membership, there are several personal categories:

  • Member (AMAMI)
  • Fellow (FAMI CPM)
  • International
  • Student
  • Graduate

The AMI offers a designation for professional marketers – Certified Practicing Marketer or CPM – recognition of formal education and successful application of marketing knowledge and skills. [4] [5]


The Awards for Marketing Excellence were founded in 1982. Notable recipients are:

  • Gail Kelly (2007)


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